daniela ood

I am just learning about the impact of leather. I had no idea that it was so bad for the planet – not just because cows take up a lot of land, water and food, but also because leather need to be treated chemically with tanning products that stop it from rotting, then also treated with dyes, which are very harmful to the environment.

Sometimes, people argue that vegan leather is less harmful, but I learned that even this can be just as bad as natural leather in terms of environmental harm – after all, a lot of ‘vegan leather’ is just petroleum based plastic.

So I was really happy to discover handbag brands made of more sustainable materials, like recycled leather, cork, and wood. And one of the best brands for that is Ood Bags.

All products are made in Italy by highly skilled, fairly paid workers, and the bags themselves are lovely – roomy enough for all your stuff, yet simply and elegantly designed.

My favourites are the snakeskin-printed clutch bag, and the shoulder bag with the gold chain. Both are flexible and soft, not stiff and hard as you’d expect wood to be! All the wood used in the bags by Ood Italy for the bags is from fully sustainable sources, and of course they’re vegan friendly, too. What’s not to love?

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Photography: Paolo Montuori

Model: Daniela Christiansson