why I detoxed

Last week, I’ve told you how I detoxed but not why I detoxed and how I felt! I can definitely tell you that I loved it and felt good!

I have met many people who have done a detox and all of them have told me the benefits it provides you once done. Even if it can be hard and that you really have to wish for it, it is worth it!

It has also become a trendy treatment that everybody should try. I don’t have a week on my social media without seeing a new detox product or program.

As a model, it is kind of part of the model lifestyle to do a total cleaning of the body in order to be healthy, regenerate the cells and look beautiful. In addition, models are a lot exposed to toxicity from the hair and make-up products, sleep few hours and can be under some stress. Consequently, the detox should be a beauty ritual that every model should do.

Furthermore, this fall, I’ve done an acupuncture treatment. I wanted to stimulate the energies and the circulations of my body so to stabilize some excess of stress and toxins. The treatment definitely worked and I recommend it but the doctor also gave me some lifestyle recommendations. I got a diet guidance that follows some principles of a cleanse, such as avoiding alcohol and sugar, eating less diaries and red meet, diminishing coffee, and so on.

Even though, I am having a healthy lifestyle (I eat healthy and good food, I am active, I use non-toxic products outside my work and so on), I followed some of the guidelines and noticed the changes on me. This was when I decided to give a “rebirth” to my body and detoxify it for good! It was not for losing weight because I am in good shape and eat healthy already, but it was for my own good and wellbeing. I realized that I should purify my body by following some different healthy steps for a certain period!

I saw it as well as a challenge because it is all in the head to resist to temptations, stay focus and motivated.

At the beginning, I really wanted to go for a long one of 2 months as it is the time needed to give a rebirth to your body. But because of the lack of time to prepare it well and the impossibility to do it with my travels and lifestyle; I decided and found the perfect moment to do a one-week detox after the year’s end celebrations! By the way, who does not want to detox his body after all the parties and food of that period?

why I detoxed

My feelings:

During the cleanse, I felt so calm! Obviously, the fact that I had a quiet week and could stay at home relaxing and focusing on the detox, helped this feeling. I was a little bit tired the second day when monodieting but when I started to eat more food again (healthy detox food), I got the energy back and even a better one. I had no sugar and food cravings! Incredible for a sugar lover like me!

I can now tell you how food can irritate your body and stress you! By irritation, I don’t only mean the anxiety we can get when we are hungry, but I am also talking about a feeling of purity and lightness inside the body. Less toxins, hence less irritation.

Another thing that I realized was the perfect skin I got and my belly was less swallowed! One of my best friends has stopped to eat sugar and I have never seen her so beautiful! She has now an incredible sexy body and still does eat for two! Basically, she has lost kilos without renouncing any food except of sugar! Incredible.

After my one-week detox, I wanted to keep going on with this healthy lifestyle. However, it directly proved to be very hard, almost impossible, once I went back to work and my social life… I quickly lost the focus and I could see the difference on my body. I was more stressed and even put on some weight!

Therefore, I would love to try a detox for two months because it is proven to be the time needed to totally eliminate the toxins and intolerance off the body and get a “rebirth”! I need to find the perfect time for it as I’ve experienced that in an active social and working life, it is very hard.

I think I am about to do it! My boyfriend has just done some exams and must do a 4 months detox! What is better and less complicated than to do it with your life companion? Hihi!

Keep posted!