My first ever 100% natural and organic hair care products! When I got to know about Saach Organics from my partner, Eluxe Magazine, I was very excited to test natural hair products that are entirely made of plant-based ingredients!

Saach Organics is a beauty brand that has created 100% natural and organic, skin and hair products following the Indian alternative medicine, Ayurveda.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda means the science of life, it is the oldest healing methodology, which incorporates the use of food, herbs, and lifestyle techniques to resolve health related issues. This modality is based on ancient traditions that are being widely accepted in the Western World today due to the powerful impacts a balanced diet and lifestyle can have on our health and vitality.

Its concept is to create a balance between the energies that we have in our body through the correct diet, exercise and skincare, based on our constitutional type, or ‘dosha’. We are either vata, pitta, kapha or a mix of them.

Ayurvedic medicine is based on the natural healing values of the plants, which makes it one of the “greenest” therapies. Following the issue, the appropriate plants and elements of the plants will be used to treat the problem and make the balance. Every aspect of our being and of the plants come together to achieve a higher good, but it is important that all ingredients are 100% natural!

One is in perfect health when the Three doshas are in perfect order with a pleasantly disposed and contented mind, senses and spirit.

A truly ‘inside out’ approach to beauty but it is important to know which dosha you are so to balance your energies. Find out which type you are here! I am a combination of Kapha-Vata.

saach organics body lotion
Mint and Rosemary Hand and Body Lotion

Thanks to these incredible proven benefits, many beauty brands are following the principles of Ayurveda. Saach Organics is a pure example because the ingredients have been carefully selected and formulated to create Ayurvedic products that are just what our skin and hair need for good health!

Saach Organics’ four-fold truth promise:

  • Ayurveda – Saach Organics formulations are based on balanced Ayurvedic traditional recipes to create natural treatments for skin and hair.
  • Our Earth – Saach Organics products are 100% natural, using organically grown or wildcrafted plants and herbs grown in India. Saach Organics products never contain – petrochemicals, harsh sulphates, parabens, urea, propylene glycol, animal ingredients, artificial colours or fragrance.
  • Animals – Saach Organics products contain no animal ingredients and none of the ingredients or products have ever been tested on animals.
  • You – Saach Organics brings to you the highest quality Ayurvedic products made with the purest ingredients to give you the best for your skin, hair and body.

Therefore, by using their products, you will get the appropriate, natural and organic components needed to balance your skin and hair without adding any toxins to your body and the environment!

By learning all this, I wanted to try the products as soon as possible. I received 7 beauty cares that the founder, Harvinder, has especially selected for me following my genetics and needs.

saach organics
Hair Strenghtening Shampoo, Colour Protect Shampoo, Conditioner, Green Tea and Aloe Vera Shower gel

My feelings:

My first reaction was to check the ingredients. All 100% natural and plant-based: green tea, aloe Vera, hibiscus, orange oil, and so on. And my first notice was the perfect match between the product’s constituents and its packaging! Every packing represents the ingredients and describes their actions.

Besides, the products have unique colors and incredible fragrance which prove that they are 100% natural.

You definitely smell the various herbs when shampooing and once done, the outcome is strong and shiny hair!

My only fear was when I did the hair mask for the first time because you have to do it on dry hair; when normally masks work on humid hair in order to integrate it well! Consequently, my hair looked very dry while having the mask on and I got a little bit scared that I was destroying my hair instead of healing it! But that is how this mask has to be done and fortunately, the upshot was totally the opposite! I got strong hair like I have never had before!

saach organics saach organics mask

Harvinder sent me hair cares to strengthen my hair and as you can read, that is the result!

Nature definitely nutures! Which is one of the many reasons why I believe in natural and organic beauty! Doing good to myself and the planet! Check out about Organic Beauty here!

Photos by Paolo Montuori.