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Ah, the City of Light. I am always excited to visit Paris. Not only is it one of the world’s most beautiful cities, but I used to live there so it also feels a bit like coming home. There’s nothing quite like hitting the boutiques of Le Marais, shopping in St Germain des Près, having dinner in Ile Saint-Louis and le 8ème, or strolling down the Champs-Elysées with friends!

I am lucky to go back there often for work and this time I was there for Paris Fashion Week to cover some events for both GreenModelMe and Eluxe Magazine.

GreenModelMe in Paris

The first thing I did was visit my friend, the eco-conscious designer, Etienne Jeanson, to ask him for help in selecting my eco-friendly outfits for the week.

Since he is a highly talented Parisian, it was the best styling I could get!

GreenModelMe in Parisparisgreenmodelme-daniela-etienne-jeanson-pfw-1

I mean, check out this skirt! It matches everything and is sustainably made. From girly styles to urban, I have worn it several times by matching it with different tops and shoes. It just works every time.

I combined the outfits with Etienne’s handmade jewels to get an even more chic touch. You can see more of Etienne Jeanson’s eco-friendly collection here: Why I Blue Heart for the Earth.


Just look how this gold comes out on black!

I visited Première Class, where designers show their accessories and jewellery at Paris Fashion Week. There, I met an amazing person, Ludmila Navarro, who makes artisan jewellery by upcycling vintage pieces into new ones. Her quirky pieces instantly grabbed my attention.

Her creations are outstanding! I love the concept and the person. She is so warm and lovely – she even gifted me with one of her creations. I fell in love with that ring due to its colours and little flowers. Even if it is big, it stays discreet because it is very elegant and just add that little touch.

GreenModelMe in ParisGreenModelMe in Paris

The next day, I was invited to the Fashion Philippines that took place at the Westin Hotel to meet some designers who have created beautiful pieces made from natural, eco-fabrics like Pinatex.

For example, the Ivarluski Aseron collection included pieces made from natural pineapple and abaca fibers. These eco-materials were used, with lovely effect, for wrap jackets, embellished with some beadwork: perfect for evening wear.

GreenModelMe in Parisgreenmodelme-fashion-philippines-pfw-12fashion philippines designers

After that, I had an appointment with ethical haute jewellery designer Ana Katarina. I learned from her how sustainability is an integral part of her life not just a marketing concept. I was really touched by her story and fell in love by her jewels! They’re a bit pricey, but I’m hoping these could be a good Christmas gift from my boyfriend?

Ana Katarina greenmodelme-in-paris-daniela-christiansson-pfw-27 greenmodelme-in-paris-daniela-christiansson-pfw-29

In the evening I had a charity gala, and my dress choice was again by Etienne Jeanson. The M foundation charity event that took place that night at the restaurant Victoria 1836 was elegant, delicious, and raised money for a good cause.

greenmodelme-in-paris-daniela-christiansson-pfw-50etienne jeanson

On my last day in Paris I started the day with a good lunch at La Durée in the Champs-Elysée near my modelling agency. I also decided to enjoy the streets of Paris where I went directly to my favorite area, le Marais. I adored wandering through all its small charming streets and vintage shops.

In the evening, I attended an event for sustainable fashion called Design for Demain. It was a conference with several eco-friendly accessories and garments being presented as well.

design for demain design for demain lief erikkson

I met many interesting people there such as Hanna Lane from Redress and the sustainable designer Leif Erikson. The cocktail event introduced the issues around fast fashion and showcased the people fighting for a better fashion industry. I learned a lot about the importance of reducing fashion consumption, and about different techniques designers are using to make their creations more sustainable. For this event, I was wearing a jumpsuit by Krie Desing who has created an eco-friendly collection.

design for demain krie design outfit

My Paris trip ended with my modelling agency’s party, followed by a party for Kenzo. I wished I could have done more but my days were packed! Besides, I had to save my energy to fly to London the day after…

etienne jeanson etienne jeanson


Photography: Stefano Gai

Model: Daniela Christiansson