organic beauty

Taking care of ourselves is important for our health, mood and physical appearance right?

Most of us take care of what we eat, of our body and look so we all buy and do what we think is best for us and what we like in order to reach this fulfilment, no?

So we are almost all aware of the ingredients and behaviors to have but do we think on the impacts they cause besides the ones they do on us??

I have always known that what I eat is going to be visible on my physical appearance and that my skin doesn’t tolerate strong cosmetics. As a model, it is one of my responsibilities to take precautions but I have to admit that I wasn’t thinking on the toxicity of the cosmetic and skin care industry and what it can do to our health and the environment…

organic beauty

The cosmetic production process and manufacturing generate a lot of waste and carbon emissions, uses a lot of water, plastic or other environmental harmful constituents and there is still the issue of the use of animal ingredients! But nowadays we are also concerned by their toxicity because of the chemicals components used that are neither good for us and neither good for the planet.

Does it not make you realize that what you put on our skin is the same as what you put in our body, so why not think about it in the same way you think about the rest of our body?


Have a look at these two very well-said facts:

“We eat organic kale, drink fair trade coconut water and cold-pressed green juices. We banned GMO and non-organic product from our diets a while ago, and ask a multitude of questions about the origin, processing, and preparation of the food we order at a restaurant. We have long since abandoned clothing that is made unethically and yet despite a borderline obsession with what we put in our mouths and hang in our closets we are just beginning to think about the products we put on our skin (Zady, 2015).”

 “The beauty and food industries are one in the same. Our skin is an organ and we need to think about it the same way we think about the rest of our body. There are no harsh, detrimental, cancer-causing foods that would cause long term health benefits if you ate them, so why would you think letting your skin absorb those chemicals is any better? (goodmornin g oodnightSarah Buscho & Marina Storm, herbalists and founders of Earth Tu Face, 2015)”.

red poppy lipstick

I think both facts are pretty clear and obvious! We neither wouldn’t eat petroleum but we actually make our body absorb some when putting lipstick because one of its components is the paraffin wax, a derivable from petroleum in order to give its shape and smooth application! And besides that, there is the harm that petroleum does to the environment…

It proofs the toxicity of this industry and I do not think that I have to give examples of the consequences it does on us and the planet.

As a model, my appearance is very important. I have to look fresh and healthy! My hair cannot be destroyed, my skin has to be perfect “au natural” and look fresh, and my body has to be fit and skinny! Taking care of myself in the right way is therefore very important and part of my lifestyle, but THE WORK IN ITSELF DOESN’T HELP ME WITH IT! How many times, after a long day of work with a lot of heavy make-up on and hair spray, am I not arriving home with fat, sticky face and hair that I am just dreaming to remove…? The make-up artists have to intensify the hair and make-up because the lighting and camera remove almost 50% of what is seen on the picture! The styling can also affair depending on the amount of products needed.

As you can see, it affects me directly! I am making my best when out of work to be as natural and organic as possible! Obviously, it concerns all of us! According to Zady, “the average woman uses more than 20 different beauty products throughout an average day and the accumulation of these products results in an average of 4lb 6oz of chemical substances being absorbed through her skin each year.”

By realizing these facts, if you care about your health and the environment, choosing your cosmetic and skin care products should now turn to become natural and organic.

organic beauty

The organic and natural cosmetic and skin care industry is evolving and the article of Zady tells us a lot of its benefits:

“Sustainable Beauty

Long gone are the days of poorly pigmented ‘makeup’ products from your health food store, skincare that smells like a greenhouse, or ‘natural perfume’ of pure patchouli oil in a bottle. The new generation of natural skincare and cosmetics delivers impeccable finishes and nourishes the skin in a new way, that traditional, chemical-laden products simply cannot. Not only does using natural and organic makeup mean that you are putting fewer chemicals in your body, but these products are made primarily with plant-derived ingredients, which means that your makeup won’t just be ‘covering’ you up, but will actually be nourishing your skin. We clean our faces in the morning and apply serums and moisturizers at night, but what if your makeup were truly nourishing your skin all day while at work? Mascara with shea butter to help keep your lashes lush and long, and foundation and concealer that has vitamin E and rosehip oil to help moisturize and naturally improve your skin’s glow. I noticed a huge difference in my skin—the texture as well as finish of my skin after switching completely to natural and organic makeup and skincare. And while you may pay a little extra for natural and organic cosmetics, the products will benefit your health and your skin.

If you buy organic fruits and vegetables, you eat a plant-rich diet and are probably conscious of avoiding eating foods dyed with artificial colors or flavoring. The next step is to think about the chemicals that go into the moisturizer your put on your face, and the makeup you put on your lips. The next wave of skincare products and makeup is changing both the quality consumers demand of products in the cosmetics industry as well as the manufacturing and the footprint those products make on the earth.”


So what about changing products asap?


Keep posted!By the way, many foods contribute in enhancing your health and beauty by either eating them or creating your own home-made products. These are topics we love to talk about and share tips and ideas with my friends!

organic beauty

Photo by Stefano Gai.