daniela christiansson

GreenModelMe is back after a longer break than supposed!

Actually, GreenModelMe has not been longer than 10 days on holidays during Christmas. The 2nd January 2017, I was already working! It has been an intense month where many things have happened! I have just not been active on the blog, GreenModelMe.com because I have been working on new projects that have taken all my time!

My revolutions, goals, projects and work for 2017 are exciting and motivating me a lot that I did not see January pass! In addition, I have been working and traveling a lot with my modelling career, making me focusing on my new projects during my free days. Therefore, suddenly, January was already gone and I realized that I did not post anything on GreenModelMe.com!

I hope it has been the same for you and that you are full of new exciting objectives for this new year!

One of the exciting news that I have, is that I have started to work as TV host for Fashion Channel TV! I started right away this year in January with the Men Fashion Week in Milano! It is very funny, exciting and interesting! I interview and meet the tops of the tops, without forgetting the events and travels I go to!

Keep posted because it is just the first exciting news I have announced! Many others are coming for me and GreenModelMe!

daniela christiansson